Private Circles

do something different

We will design a private, unique, and connecting experience for you and your group.   This circle can be held a single time or you can establish an ongoing circle series where you and the group select the topics every time you meet.

How you can use Private Circles

  • Celebrate a special occasion with a group of friends. Examples include birthdays, pre-wedding celebrations, and baby showers.
  • Have a team building experience with people you work with
  • Stay connected to a group you experienced The Path with on an ongoing basis


What you get

  • A unique shared experience
  • A sense of joy and play
  • Feeling of real connection
  • Release of stress

How we do it

Trained facilitators will guide you in a customized session. Carefully designed activities include the following:

  • Group exercises to create safety and connection
  • Interactive discussion of a topic of your choosing. For one-time celebrations, the topic can be centered on the person, the occasion, or a group dynamic that you want to explore
  • Customized creative experiential exercises based on the occasion and the length of the group. These include expressive or creative writing, visual art, movement, acting, and voice.

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