Self-Reflection Circles

listen to yourself

In today’s world, you’re so busy listening to others, it is difficult to set aside time to listen to yourself.  In this circle you will have the time, tools, and the support to connect to yourself.

What you get

  • Dedicated space and community that will empathetically support your self-exploration
  • Insights to drive a sense of clarity
  • Feeling of lightness as you shed of expectations
  • Release of stress

How we do it

Trained facilitators will guide you in individual, partnered, and group setting. The environment will be judgment-free and empathetic with encouragement to stay true to yourself and know and trust your own process. Carefully designed activities include the following:

  • Group exercises to create safety and connection
  • Interactive discussion to identify what you need to reflect on today
  • Creative experiential exercises including visualizations, art, expressive writing, and creative writing to peel the layers of ‘shoulds’ and ‘expectations’ so that you can find your own ‘true north’

Cost $20 | 1.5 Hours Each Session | SIGN-UP Coming Soon

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