STEP 2: Know Yourself

find and shape your influences

We have a value system and a set of core beliefs that have developed over our life journey and serve as an important source of our behavior. Often there are unconscious beliefs driving us even though they may not fully align with the values we want to live by. As adults, we have the ability to bring these beliefs and values into consciousness and become intentional about what drives us.

This course will help you explore the influences affecting your value and belief systems and how they play a role your life. You will examine the relevance of these influences so you can shape and drive your own path consciously. You will need the tools gathered in Step 1 to continue on this second Step of The Path.



What you get

  • Become conscious of the environmental and cultural messaging that has shaped your core beliefs
  • Begin to uncover how your family system affects your worldview
  • Identify the roles that you played within your family system and how that affects you today
  • Explore significant moments in your life journey to understand how they influence you now
  • Discover the power of self-knowledge and how you can begin to consciously choose your value system

How we do it

Trained facilitators will guide you in individual, partnered, and group setting. The environment will be judgment-free and empathetic with encouragement to stay true to yourself and know and trust your own process. Carefully designed activities include the following:

  • Interactive discussions and demonstrations rather than lectures
  • Visualizations to gently tap into your emotions
  • Visual art exercises to peel away barriers
  • Expressive writing exercises to internalize and explore experiences
  • Drama exercises to help make concepts real
  • Tools to integrate what you learn into your everyday life

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