what we dotrueself

Rooted is a FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND place that creates space and experiences for ongoing emotional self-care. Emotional self-care includes knowing yourself, accepting yourself, being kind to yourself, expressing yourself, and authentically connecting with others as your powerful, whole, true self.

Here we don’t use ‘quick-fix’ gimmicks; rather we encourage you to practice the elements of emotional self-care on an ongoing basis to foster a solid personal ground. We also do not ask you to rely on our beliefs or ideology to become whole; instead, we give you an environment and tools that enable you to viscerally discover what wholeness means for you in your own life journey.

why it works

Research suggests that ongoing emotional self-care practice results in better physical health and decision-making, improved self-confidence and relationships, and an overall increase in quality of life.

Overall, ongoing emotional self-care gives us the power to own our responses to life situations rather than be driven by unconscious reactivity.

Physically, our bodies respond to the way we think and feel. When emotional health is out of balance, our bodies show symptoms. For example, the adverse effects of stress are widely known. Ongoing emotional self-care not only reduces stress, but it also leads to a conscious effort towards higher physical care.

Intellectually, ongoing emotional self-care allows us to develop emotional intelligence. People with higher emotional intelligence are able to make better decisions on a regular basis. They also tend to have higher confidence and self-worth.

Relationally, ongoing emotional self-care gives us the ability to own our own emotions, ask for our needs constructively and set appropriate boundaries. These actions increase the viability and health of our relationships.

how we do it

The key components of the Rooted methodology are 1) a judgment-free environment 2) experiences rather than lectures 3) an empathetic community

1) Environment: we focus on creating a space that is private, safe, and without judgment. All our activities escalate in a way that allows you to safely follow your own process.

2) Experiences: at Rooted, we don’t believe in disseminating our truths; we encourage you to live yours. We do this by creating experiences that are based in art forms such as visual art, movement, music, drama, and writing. All of the experiences are specifically designed to focus on the emotional aspect instead of skill. For example, creative and expressive writing and visual art let you tap into your subconscious; while movement, voice, and drama allow you to express yourself and feel empowered.

3) Community: at Rooted, you will find a community focused on connecting through empathy rather than advice. Trained facilitators and fellow participants provide support and validation through what can otherwise feel like a daunting task of self-discovery.

who benefits from us

Rooted is focused on serving adults of any age, any gender, any background.  This place is for you if you are…

  • Wanting to take care of your soul and emotional well-being so you can rejuvenate and create personal resilience
  • Feeling stressed out from work-life off-balance or difficult events in life
  • Going through a transition in your life (e.g. relationship changes, new to the city, new parent)
  • Feeling creatively stuck or just in a rut and looking to explore new ways to get more out of life
  • Looking to find your path in life – to figure out what you are passionate about
  • Seeking genuine connection and wanting to be part of a community