Q: What benefits does Rooted Provide?
A: As you go through your personal journey here, you will see some or all of these benefits…

•   Learn about yourself so you can purposefully and consciously drive your life

•   Learn to accept yourself and your imperfections (we are all imperfect!)

•   Learn to check in with yourself and confidently make decisions in daily life

•   Get in touch with your creative side and expand opportunities for fulfillment

•   Be on the journey to self-actualization

•   Be a part of an encouraging community that wants to live a fulfilling and conscious life


Q: Who will benefit from Rooted?
A: This place is for you if you are…

•   Struggling under the weight of everyone else’s expectations and need some space to be free

•   Feeling stressed out

•   Seeking genuine connection

•   Wanting to be part of a community

•   Creatively stuck

•   Feeling stuck in a daily rut and need a change

•   Looking to explore new ways to get more out of life

•   Looking to find your path in life – to figure out what you are passionate about

•   Willing to push yourself out of the comfort zone

•   Just feeling curious about this place

•  Wanting to take care of your soul


Q: Does Rooted serve children?
A: Rooted is focused on serving Adults. 


Q: Do I have to be an artist, a dancer, a writer, or have any artistic skill to take part in a session at Rooted?
A: No. Absolutely not. Artists are welcome, but you don’t have to have any artistic skills to be a part of Rooted.


Q: What should I do if I’m a first timer?
A: It depends.  If you want to try what Rooted is all about, you can drop in for a Self-Care in the City Playshop.  See our programming overview for more information.


Q: How often should I attend sessions at Rooted?
A: Rooted is intended to provide ‘Fitness for the Soul.’ You can come as often as you want. Think of Rooted as a gym for your Soul. This is the place that will help you express things in ways that you can’t in your busy, stressful world. This is the place where words are not the only way to express how you are feeling. You will likely find that regular visits will keep you feeling lighter.


Q: How will I get the most out of Rooted?
A: You will get the most from Rooted by allowing yourself to be vulnerable and by trusting the process. Be honest about what you need and don’t judge yourself or your co-participants for what they create or how they perform. Also, respect everyone’s privacy including your own.


Q: How can a group of friends or colleagues attend Rooted?
A: If you have 7-12 people that you want to have a shared experience with, try Private Self-Care Circles. We can design the session by the occasion or topic for the amount of time that you desire.


Q: Does Rooted provide therapy?
A: No. The experiences at Rooted may feel therapeutic, but Rooted does not provide therapy.