step into your personal power


Most of us go through the daily routine of life at a fast pace while something deep inside us longs for more. We end up feeling trapped by expectations and obligations, drained of our vitality, joy and creativity, and disconnected from our whole self. Staying connected to our true self and living a meaningful life isn’t what most of us are taught to do, but everyone can learn by practicing ongoing emotional self-care.

Emotional self-care includes knowing yourself, accepting yourself, being kind to yourself, expressing yourself, and authentically connecting with others as your powerful, whole, true self.

The Path is a personal and experiential journey exploring the elements of emotional self-care over 6 courses (known as steps). The Path does not impart set beliefs or ideology; instead, it focuses on giving you the environment and the tools that enable you to viscerally discover what wholeness means for you.




What you get

  • Learn how to become more emotionally aware
  • Discover and begin to shape what influences you in life
  • Embrace every part of yourself without becoming resigned
  • Find compassion for yourself
  • Begin to discover where you need boundaries and how to set them
  • Let yourself be seen as you are
  • Forge authentic relationships
  • Set a solid ground for your life journey

How we do it

Trained facilitators will guide you through individual, partnered, and group exercises in a judgment free empathetic environment. You will be encouraged to stay true to yourself and to know and trust your own process. Carefully designed activities include the following:

  • Interactive discussions and demonstrations rather than lectures
  • Visualizations to gently tap into topics personally
  • Visual art exercises to peel away barriers
  • Expressive writing exercises to internalize and explore experiences
  • Movement journeys to tap into expression and freedom
  • Drama exercises to help make concepts real
  • Voice exercises to dig into expression and connection
  • Tools to integrate what you learn into your everyday life

The Path has 6 sequential steps. START YOUR JOURNEY WITH STEP 1.

See more information for each step below.